Australia's best internet is now available in your apartment.

Get super-fast, fibre powered internet including unlimited data and none of the hassles from $40.00* /month.

Experience the power of a fully-featured
Fiber network in your home.

Strataspot has partnered with Airtel to bring you the next generation internet technology right to your home.
All you need to do is select the option that’s right for you.

Fastest Residential Internet in Australia

Download at the speed of light with consistent speeds of up to 500Mbps.*


Cristal HD Quality Voice Home Phone

Enjoy great quality, unlimited calls and save money over traditional phone service.


Internet + Voice Bundle Deals

Combine your Airtel Internet service with an Airtel VoIP service from as little as $50/month.

Experience a newer, faster and better internet.

Fiber, it’s the fastest internet technology available and Strataspot now brings it right to your home. 
To save you the hassle we’ve picked out what we’ve determined is the best value deal.

BEST VALE: Unlimited Bundle 50/20

    1 month contract ||||| Fiber connection

Unlimited Data

$10/month extra to get unlimited local, national and mobile calls

46 Mbps

Typical evening speed
Standard Plus


Minimum total cost is $199 
for the first month.

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