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Airtel is an Australia based Service provider for the independent, licensed Australian Telecommunications carrier specialising in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network solutions for new residential and business developments. At OptiComm, their approach to the design and operation of FTTP is based on years of research and development. Airtel and OptiComm are Australia’s trusted and Opticom being on of the largest privately owned builder and operator of FTTP Networks.

For Airtel to provide services into your home or business, OptiComm will install a small device on the side of your dwelling near the meter or power box called the Optical Network Terminal (ONT). The ONT is used to terminate the fibre optic cable coming in from the street and present it to you as a standard telephone, television or internet port which can be used by typical devices within your home or business. To make the best use of the services delivered by the ONT, we recommend you have your home SmartWiredTM.

“Smart wiring” is a term commonly used to describe a structured wiring system installed into a home or business. It typically includes the wiring of telephone, data and television points to multiple rooms, but could also be for monitored security, audio/video distribution, home or building automation and paging/intercom systems. While it is not mandatory to have your home or business SmartwiredTM, it does provide you with the greatest level of flexibility and takes full advantage of your fibre connected community.

A Fibre-Connected at the Airtel Fibre Communities, it delivers a wide range of very high speed Broadband services as well as telephone, Freeview TV and Foxtel from a range of Retail Service Providers. It is very important that all in home wiring and cable entry work has been completed by your builder to avoid delays in getting connected. To ensure your home is prepared in accordance with industry standards, OptiComm has developed a Premises Preparation Guide which will assist your builder in preparing your home for a connection. Please talk with your builder to discuss the various home wiring options from a basic star wire to a more complex smart wired solution. Industry guidelines from SmartWired House provide an example of a smart-wired home that will take full advantage of the private OptiComm Fibre Network.

Airtel/OptiComm always recommends that you use an ACMA licensed cabler to install all in-home wiring. The ACMA has published a Consumer Advice Pamphlet on cabling your home. There is also the Telecommunications Cabling Advice form (called the TCA1) which every cabler/builder should provide to you on handover.

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