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YEALINK (W52H) Cordless HD VoIP Telephone
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Key Features
+ 1.8inch 128x160colour display
+ Intuitive User Interface
+ HD sound with wideband
+ 11 hours talk time
+ 120 hours standby time
+ 3 way conference
+ Phonebook, search, import export
+ Keypad lock and Emergency call
+ Integrated PoE (Class 1)

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Critical Information Summary
What is mobile broadband?

Mobile broadband is a term that refers to an internet connection delivered over the same networks utilised by your smartphone. Since mobile broadband is delivered “over the air”, the connection process is much faster. While a fixed line connection can require visits from a technician and waiting for several business days (if not weeks), you can typically use a mobile broadband connection on the same day you purchase it.

Mobile broadband is ostensibly plug and play, pull your modem out of the box, pop in the SIM card, connect your laptop to your new Wi-Fi, and you’re online.
Mobile broadband comes in two different forms: “traditional” mobile broadband and home wireless.

Traditional mobile broadband is where you simply buy a data-only SIM from a telco of your choice and throw it in a device, whether it’s a spare phone, a tablet, a dongle, or a portable wireless hotspot.

Home wireless is a newer offering where you buy a complete package include a plug-in modem that connects to a 4G network, rather than wiring in your street. Home wireless packages tend to have larger data allowances than data-only SIMs, but slower speeds.

Why would I get mobile broadband?

There are three main reasons why you’d consider signing up for a mobile broadband connection.
• The first is that you don’t have a fixed address, are regularly changing addresses, or can’t get a fixed line connection where you live. Mobile broadband doesn’t use Australia’s copper network or the National Broadband Network, so there’s no need for a fixed physical connection between your place and the internet. Mobile broadband is also great if you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of an extended setup period or are sick of waiting for the NBN to come to your area.
• Mobile broadband can also be useful as a backup solution for if your fixed line connection goes down, or in the event of a power outage. Many mobile broadband modems are powered by a battery, so they’ll keep on kicking even when the lights are out.
• A portable mobile broadband modem and connection are also a good option when travelling, especially if you don’t want to burn through your smartphone’s battery while tethering.

Are there any downsides to mobile broadband?

Mobile broadband options often have smaller data allowances compared with fixed-line internet.
In most cases, you’ll end up spending more for less when it comes to mobile broadband. While the starting price of an unlimited fixed line connection is a little as $60, you’re looking at around $90.00 per month for a no contract mobile broadband connection and usage 200GB tends to be largest widely available download allowance, and that’s only on home wireless plans, where your download speeds are restricted to a maximum of 12Mbps.
Airtelwireless is one of the few exceptions to this; it offers a home wireless plan, but this is only available in select areas, and once again, restricted to speeds of 12/1Mbps.
If you have trouble getting a mobile signal at home, mobile broadband isn’t a great option either. Its speed and reliability depend on the strength of your mobile signal.
In some cases, it’s also just a better option to take out a plan with more data for your smartphone, and use your smartphone as a hotspot. However, this isn’t ideal if more than one person is relying on your mobile broadband connection, and it can burn through your phone’s battery pretty quickly.

How fast is mobile broadband?

The speed of your mobile broadband connection will depend on your provider, your physical location, and on your hardware. For example, if you’re connected to Telstra and using their 4GX capable modem in a capital city CBD, you could theoretically get speeds of 1000Mbps (which is ten times as fast as a top-tier Fibre-to-the-Node NBN connection).
In most cities, you should be able comfortably achieve speeds of 20Mbps to 100Mbps on a 4G mobile broadband connection when used in conjunction, depending on where you live.
Fixed home wireless broadband has somewhat slower speeds, with the telco promising up to 12Mbps.

How much does mobile broadband cost?

It’s possible to get a mobile broadband SIM card – or data SIM – for as little as $10 per month. However, these kind of plans typically have tiny monthly data allowances, as low as just 1GB. While this might be appropriate if you just want a mobile broadband solution as a once-in-a-blue-moon backup, you’ll want to be spending somewhere at least $50 to $100 per month if you want to replace a fixed line connection.

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