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Combine voice, video, instant messaging, collaboration and presence into a unified end-user experience and eliminate the need for system maintenance and software upgrades with our robust and flexible communication service.

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Communication is the lifeblood of any organization; interacting with colleagues, customers, and prospects, from anywhere, at any time is mission critical. Phone system that offers rich Unified Communication & Collaboration features from the cloud, addresses phone system needs without operational complexities. Hosted Telephony, is not only future-proof in addressing advancement in technology but eliminates the need for system maintenance and software upgrades by individual businesses offering a robust and flexible communication service.

Airtel Unified provides a simple, easy to use web portal to make admin level configurations interface that enables authorised personnel to perform day- to-day changes to the phone system. In addition, individual users have access to a self-service portal that allows them to make user level changes to their service such as updating out of office alerts or accessing services like inbound faxes etc. This simple and easy to use web-based management helps IT to focus on high value operational projects.

Flexible work environments.

Airtel Networks is changing the telecommunications industry by providing the latest technologies that allow the end user to enjoy the best in unified communications. Our hosted PBAX service offering includes efficient client interface design capabilities – receive better services at a lower price.

Our Hosted Unified Communications (UC) also has the added flexibility of being able to easily integrate with other systems. Customers can take advantage of seamless communications, whether staff are office based, working remotely or internationally. Managing your business communications systems has never been easier. Our BroadSoft solutions including Locally Hosted Collaboration services offers a complete suite of business communications that can easily change as your business grows. Using a mobile, PC or tablet, boost productivity by enabling better communications anytime, anywhere and pay only for what you use.

Enjoy the benefits of our hosted UC services.

  • Reduced operating costs such as travel and mobile call cost
  • Enable staff to communicate more efficiently anytime, anywhere whether locally or internationally
  • Improve data and telecom security
  • Confidently manage your telecommunications with a predictable and reliable solution
  • Better manage customer enquiries and telephone sales processes using our range of convenient features including on-hold, auto-assistants and more
  • Improve staffs’ virtual meeting and communications experiences
  • Use attendant console for staff who manage and screen inbound calls Enjoy access whether using a PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Better manage and monitor incoming calls and queues with Centre Agent and Supervisor – a feature-rich, intuitive interface suitable for busy call centres
  • BroadTouch applications can be deployed using a unified single number for voice, video and messaging services

SIP Trunking PLUS

Enhancing your Business Communications further.

Airtel Networks’ SIP Trunking services are helping businesses with single or multiple sites reduce their communication costs while staying better connected. With workforces becoming more mobile, businesses can improve their communications with a flexible service, including a suite of hosted applications regardless of your premises equipment.

Applications include instant messaging and presence, voice and video calling, desktop sharing, conferencing and web collaboration. Whatever the device including desktop, laptop or smartphone, people are easily contactable and can quickly and easily communicate better than ever before. Choose numbers based on your business needs rather than what numbers are available in your local office area.

SIP Trunking is also a reliable service ideal for businesses that may otherwise be affected by natural disasters. Businesses can continue to receive calls with the ability to pre-configure automatic rerouting to any other number to stay connected – improving business continuity and disaster recovery.

Business requiring flexibility with their communications can add trunks quickly and easily with no long term commitments
– reserve additional trunk capacity for those periods when normal call volumes are exceeded.
Other benefits include:

  • Businesses moving or expanding can cost effectively do so keeping their local area numbers without paying for expensive call forwarding services
  • Conveniently consolidate voice, video and data traffic over one converged network
  • Reduce costs while enjoying better communications with free internal calls between employees wherever they are located and no costly call-forwarding bills
  • Buy only what you need – purchasing as little as one SIP trunk at a time
  • Centrally manage and aggregate trunks to increase trunk utilisation and reduce total trunks required
  • Easily track your telephony usage, billing and manage calling capacity at a company-wide level with simplified administration

Never miss a phone call ever again.

Distribute phone calls from a single incoming telephone number to a group of several phone lines.

Airtel VoIP technology and Cloud via our Airtel infrastructure will provide you with Hunt Groups distribute phone calls from a single incoming telephone number to a group of several phone lines. This allows businesses to share resources across a team of people to achieve a common goal (specialized project) or by creating pools of people who perform a common task – Sales, Customer Services, etc.

When your service is setup, hunt groups are assigned initial settings. At the administrator’s discretion the following settings can be modified from the Novum Unified Web  Portal.

  • Hunt Group profile information
  • Assignment of users
  • Settings:
    – Call Distribution Policy
    – How to handle calls when no one is available to answer the phone
    – Business Continuity
  • Never miss an incoming call
  • Site Admin can modify a hunt group operation so that unanswered calls may be handled as needed
  • In the event that all idle phones have been visited without answer, the administrator can define an alternative phone number for handling the call (internal/external number or extension)
  • Call Forward Selective can be used to forward calls by time Schedules. IE Day, Night or Holiday
  • Distinctive Caller ID labels for each Hunt Group
  • Calls ringing through the Hunt Group do not invoke user features, like user Call Forwarding
    – This insures that the desired call behavior of the Hunt Group is not impacted by any one agent’s setting
  • Difference of this call service feature allows:
    – Time of day routing
    – Day of the week routing
    – Ability to move call between devices
    – Different treatment for specific
  • Call queues temporarily hold calls in the cloud when all users assigned to receive calls from the queue are unavailable.
  • Call Queues provide an automated “answer” with customizable greetings, comfort messages, and hold music for the caller to listen to. Queued calls are routed to an available agent when he/she is no longer on an active call.

The Auto Attendant serves as an automated receptionist that answers incoming calls. Callers receive a professional greeting and dialing menu options.

  • Automates inbound call management:
    – Gives caller simple options — “Press 1 for Sales. Press 2 for Customer Service.”
  • Can be used to:
    – Answer main line
    – Provide alternative answering point
  • Can be tiered together for more flexibility
  • Queues can allow multiple calls per agent (call waiting)
  • Queues can have a pre-set wrap-up time before delivering the next call change
  • Queues can be setup with a maximum number of queued calls (calls in excess are overflowed to internal or external numbers or voicemails)
  • There are also Bounced Calls settings for calls that have been sent to an available agent, but the agent does not answer
  • Supervisors can make adjustments on-the-fly by assigning and assigning agents to the queue, as call volumes
  • Auto Attendants route calls to…
    – Specific employees within your company
    – Operator or Receptionist
    – Specific groups or teams of employees
    – Sales, Customer Service, Billing, etc.
    – Individual or group voicemails
    – Other business locations
    – Outside numbers (On-call employees, 3rd party answering service
Critical Information Summary
Information about the service

This is an IP Voice service which requires the outright purchase of approved IP handsets from Airtel or an Authorised Airtel Dealer. • Plan/ Access fees are charged in advance on sign up, your monthly email bill is issued on the anniversary of activation •Direct debit is mandatory, this can be via credit card or bank account, with payments deducted 4 days your email bill is issued • If payment bounces services will be suspended until payment is corrected, a $10 fee may apply • AnADSL2+ connection is required for use of Airtel IPVoice services, the quality of service maybe the internet connection, firewall and other matters outside of the control of Airtel • Whilst calls to 000 can be made the Airtel IPVoice service cannot be relied upon as an emergency service . Calls to 1900, back to base alarms ,fax services , and EFTPOS systems cannot be used with Airtel IP Voice . • Only Airtel approved and supplied handsets (locked to airtel) may be connected to the Airtel service • The main PSTN number may be ported to Airtel, a one charge of $30 per number or $130 per 100 number in-dial range will apply, PLUS a monthly number hosting fee of $55per 100 in-dial number range. Your former carrier may also charge a ‘porting out fee. • This service is available for Business customers with a valid ABN. •Not available for commercial or non standard business use, i.e.telemarketers or call centres • If a service is disconnected ,the recurring monthly access fee is charged until the end of the billing cycle in which the service is discontinued • If a customer withdraws the Customer Service Guarantee Waiver (shown at www.airtel.net.au) Airtel is under no obligation to provide the service requested • Uptime Guarantee: This applies if you have connected your service according to Airtel’s minimum recommendations , which is with Quality Assured equipment(as shown on our hardware price list), a dedicated DSL2+ (minimum) connection for the I traffic and our hosted iPBX configured by our in house team. The amount of downtime during a calendar month will be determined by our up line iPBX provider and does not include any scheduled maintenance our upgrade outages. If this is more than0.001%,on application, we will credit you double the value of the time that was down dependent on the plan that you are on at the time of the outage . If your internet connection or local power supply is at fault this does not qualify. • Subject to the Airtel fair use policy for full details visit www.airtel.net.au

Information About Pricing.

A connection fee of $39 per handset applies, unless a 24 month contract is agreed to. The minimum monthly amount payable is $49.95 per month per handset plus any additional features e.g. Twinning. • If a 24 month contract is agreed to the $39 connection fee is waived and the total minimum charge per handset will be $1198.80. If the phones are disconnected before the 24 month term expires, the early termination fee is equal to the number of months remaining times $49.95 times the number of handsets. • International calls are charged in 1 minute blocks. • For full list of international call rates visit www.airtel.net.au. Airtel has a number of ‘blacklisted’ countries that are not accessible due to known fraudulent call activity on Iphone lines please check the full international list on the website for details. Up to date usage of the service can be obtained at ‘View My Bill’ at www.airtel.net.au or contacting customer service on 1800 763 432 or emailing help desk @airtel.net.au •If you wish to contact Airtel in respect to a dispute, please email helpdesk@airtel.net.au.

Other information

• Up to date usage of the service can be obtained at ‘My Billing’ at www.airtel.net.au or by contacting customer service on 1800 AIRTEL or emailing helpdesk@airtel.net.au. The usage may be delayed by up to 48 hours. • For all disputes, please email helpdesk@airtel.net.au. • If the disputed matter has not been resolved to your satisfactory, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman may be contacted on 1800 062 058 or online at www.tio.com.au.

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