Melbourne Datacentre

Melbourne Datacentre can improve your organisation’s operational efficiency by maximising the effectiveness of your existing systems, reducing your operational risk and assisting in the planning of your future technology needs. Melbourne Datacentre’s services range from the installation of equipment in a managed environment to technology management services and support. Our highly skilled technical staff, technological capabilities, quality of our infrastructure and our proven ability to deliver in critical real time matched to, supporting Service Level Agreements, will ensure the operational effectiveness of your business. What’s more, you can rely on our efficient practices built up over 20 years to deliver high quality customer service and responsiveness.


With Melbourne Datacentre you are aligning yourself with an organisation with access to new and leading technologies, with and infrastructure built for delivering mission critical, real time systems and a strong reputation for integrity, reliability and efficiency.
By securing your systems with Melbourne Datacentre, you are provided with the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your systems are managed effectively by experts 24/7 – allowing you to focus on your company’s core business.  We have specialists from a range of fields including, niche leading-edge technologies such as SAN, integrated security infrastructure and fault tolerant systems.  Our staff are trained across many disciplines to ensure optimal system performance and fault resolution.

By selecting Melbourne Datacentre you will be rewarded with reduced costs and improved operation efficiency through the use of proven methodologies and efficient practices.  We have a leading record of running and maintaining critical systems.  We understand the importance of systems reliability and how to maximise the capacity from your existing investment.  You select the services you need.



Our high-grade infrastructure ensures that safe storage and availability of your hardware remains uncompromised. Importantly, with every customer appointment to our Data Centre, their equipment requirements are engineered, to ensure an optimal temperature controlled environment, to their rack space, reducing the potential of equipment failure and ensuring longevity.

A true n+2 (Tier 4) redundancy is often claimed, however, few can deliver on this promise. Each Rackspace within Melbourne Data Centre has been engineered to ensure end to end system redundancy, including Diverse Mains Supply, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), Chillers, Generators HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) and the latest Fire Suppression Systems. An Environment Management System constantly monitors all Systems and is at the ready for instantaneous failover.

Designed to house 330 rack spaces, the Data Centre is supported by a 99.999% availability Service Level Agreement. All of this underlines our commitment of delivering the highest standards in technology and network security and availability at all times.

Key facility features include:
• Designed as Tier 4 with (n+2) environmental infrastructure,
• Housing 330 racks offering up to 12kWatts of cooling per rack,
• 3.2 MWatts of dedicated power,
• 2 x 800kVA and 2 x 600kVA modular Thycon UPS,
• 3 x Standby Diesel Generators with 28,000 litres of diesel fuel,
• 3 x Powerpak Chillers supported by 3 x Cooling Towers,
• Fully monitored and automated Environmental Monitoring Systems and Digital Direct Controllers,
• 24/7 facility Security Surveillance,
• Dedicates 24 x 365 Facilities Management Team,
• Dedicated Customer Build and Test Area,
• Available Satellite and Antenna Areas.

About Melbourne Data

Prior to the commencement of operations on Q1 2011, an unprecedented white space analysis was undertaken of the Australian Co-location marketplace. The results of the analysis confirmed many of beliefs held by the Directors of Melbourne Datacentre. These results confirmed several key market requirements for the facility;
• the need to house critical information technology services in a Data Centre of n+2 configuration or better,
• to be located within the CBD, accessible via multi modes of transport,
• contain unparalleled levels of security,
• an environment with capacity to scale to meet the high density power demands of future technology,
• ability to support private cloud solutions that can extend across multiple premium data centre facilities,
• mechanical infrastructure engineered with fidelity, to withstand the rigours of robust regular fail over testing,
• Proven leadership in Data Centre & Network design and management.

With the delivery of these objectives, coupled with 20 years of data centre and network experience, a philosophy was formed to delivery to the market a distinctive and premier facility to cater to infrastructure hosting requirements from start ups to large enterprise. A partnership approach with our customers to provide the most reliable and secure hosting environment, that will ensure their business continuity and promote the growth of their IT infrastructure and provide network access that will allow them to complete in today’s global marketplace.