Introducing OptiComm

Helping Smart Developers Create Smarter Communities

OptiComm is Australia’s leading independent telecommunications carrier, specialising in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) networks for residential and business developments.
OptiComm is not just any Fibre to the Premises network operator – we are an award winning carrier with many years of research and development that has enabled us to deliver a number of key “firsts” in the development of optical fibre networks in Australia.
At OptiComm, we are all about connecting people by building smart communities. We believe that the more people are connected, the more opportunities they have. OptiComm is proud to help our customers improve the ways in which they live and work and be a leader in Australia’s transition to the digital future.
Since its formation in 2005, OptiComm has now grown to become the single largest, privately owned provider and operator of FTTP services across Australia.

Who We Are & What We Do

OptiComm is an independent, licensed Australian Telecommunications carrier specialising in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network solutions for new residential and business developments.
At OptiComm, our approach to the design and operation of FTTP is based on years of research and development. We created the “open access, wholesale-only” business model which was embraced by the Federal Government in 2009. This highly successful model has made OptiComm Australia’s trusted and largest privately owned builder and operator of FTTP Networks for new developments.
OptiComm is committed to making it simple for Australians to connect by building smart communities. Our Fibre Connected Communities deliver advanced services over and above that specified by Government policy.

What Can
OptiComm Do For Me

Australia’s Trusted Provider

OptiComm is Australia’s trusted independent builder and operator of Fibre to the Premises Networks. We promise to deliver your project on budget and on time.

Advanced Networks
The OptiComm network delivers capability that is far in advance of any existing network currently deployed in Australia. OptiComm’s optical fibre networks are built using state-of-the-art technologies designed to resist Australia’s unique weather and landscape demands.

Complete Turnkey Installation
OptiComm delivers a complete turnkey solution from design through to installation, network commissioning and service activation. We manage the entire process for you with a single point of contact, guaranteed delivery times and provide all the necessary approvals to make your job easy when it comes to telecommunications infrastructure.

Future Generational Benefit
Future generations will benefit from the increased speeds and reliability of OptiComm’s Gigabit Passive Optical Networks, allowing Australia to continue growing well into the 21st century. An OptiComm fibre connected community is the future – today!

Reliable & Dependable
OptiComm prides itself on the reliability and dependability of its networks and people. We strive to serve and understand the needs of our customers and take responsibility to deliver value added outcomes in a timely manner. Our networks fully comply with Government legislation and relevant service specifications.

Local Team & Support System
OptiComm’s Network Operations Centre is located in Melbourne and supports and monitors our network across Australia. The facility is second to none when it comes to Operational Support Systems and our team are highly skilled, experienced, motivated and committed to delivering the quality services our customers need and deserve.

Excellence in Safety
At OptiComm, ensuring the safety of communities, the environment and our workers is the most important job we have and one of our core values. We are dedicated to building a culture of excellence in safety and continually improving safety practices to meet the best standards in the industry.

Choice For Residents
Residents moving into a new OptiComm Fibre Connected Community have access to a choice of retail service providers who offer great products and services including high speed broadband, multiple telephone lines, Pay TV & electronic security monitoring.

Sign up with OptiComm and give your residents and tenants access to an advanced broadband network that delivers high speed Internet and a fully featured telephone service in addition to Freeview, Foxtel, multicast IPTV and WiFi hotspots plus many other network enhancements not offered by our competitors.

Information Sessions
OptiComm arranges information sessions in conjunction with the developer for residents and business within an OptiComm Fibre Connected Community. These are typically run at a Sales Centre on the estate (if available). Sessions can also be arranged for Builders and associated contractors at your office or the site sales office.

Building Overview
As a builder and/or building owner, there are certain guidelines you must adhere to in order to ensure your new development is prepared correctly for the installation of the telecommunications fibre optic cabling. By following our guidelines, you can ensure a smooth connection to the OptiComm network in the premises of your new development.

Integrated Communications Network (ICN)
What is an Integrated Communications Network or ICN?
An ICN is an intelligent network capable of addressing all the communications needs within a large building or campus.

What can OptiComm deliver?
OptiComm designs and builds unified communications networks to create a smart, energy efficient connected building that can cater for all the needs for decades to come.

OptiComm’s experienced communications engineers, designers and construction technicians will deliver and future-proof your fibre-rich network. With our support of Building Management Systems such as EMS, HVAC, DAS, Wi-Fi, CCTV, access control, video/audio intercom we will deliver high speed business data and telephone connectivity.
OptiComm delivers an end-to-end integrated solution that converts your asset to a Greener, Smarter, Connected Building and environment.

Residential and/or Commercial

Mixed use and Commercial Development

OptiComm works closely with your construction team at all levels (Consultants, Engineers, Architects and Construction Facility Managers) in planning your new and exciting mixed use and commercial development. Ask your OptiComm representative about our Award winning projects ie Central Park (NSW) MDU & large retail, Eastland’s Shopping Centre (VIC) or Westfield (NSW) just to name a few.
We deliver state of the art integrated communication designs and builds unified communications networks to create a smart, energy efficient connected building that can cater for all your needs to futureproof your network for decades to come. With our support of Building Management Systems such as EMS, HVAC, DAS, Wi-Fi, CCTV, access control, video/audio intercom we will deliver high speed business data and telephone connectivity.
OptiComm will deliver your communication designs and build unified communications on time, every time. An end-to-end integrated solution that converts your asset to a Greener, Smarter, Connected Building and environment.

Some of OptiComm’s Projects
• $6 Billion Barangaroo South development – Sydney
• $1.5 Billion Darling Harbour Live – Sydney
• $4.5 Billion Victoria Harbour – Melbourne
• $575million Eastland Shopping Centre – Melbourne
• $2.5 Billion RNA Showgrounds – Brisbane
• $1 Billion Waterbank Apartments – Perth
• $4 Billion Yarrabilba 15,000 dwellings – Brisbane
• $1 Billion Harpley 4,000 dwellings – Melbourne
• $4 Billion Rocky Springs 15,000 dwellings – Townsville
• Greater Springfield – 950Ha Master planned community – QLD
• Oran Park Town – Master planned township of 25,000 residents – NSW

Single Dwelling Unit (SDU)

Builders Information
As the builder and/or building subcontractor of a Single Dwelling Unit (SDU), you are responsible for installing the internal customer cabling for telephone, data and other services (including power circuits) to the building owner’s requirements. You are also responsible for installing the facilities to connect the premises to the network.
It’s important that builders talk to new homeowners about the telecommunications services they may want to access in their homes and provide guidance on where OptiComm equipment, phone and data outlets should be located.
Both fixed line internet and telephone services will be delivered over the OptiComm Fibre Network. The OptiComm equipment should be located in a safe area where it is convenient to connect telephone as well as computers and internet TV.

Structured Wiring
OptiComm recommends that structured wiring is installed in all new dwellings for distribution of the High Speed Broadband Internet, telephone and other services throughout the premises. It is critically important that you plan and install the structured cabling at frame stage in accordance with the Smartwired recommendations. OptiComm’s Builders Guide and the Smartwired Guides has information to assist you and the resident in planning, room by room, the Data, Telephone, Free to Air (FTA) TV and Pay TV cabling requirements.
It is mandatory to use an ACMA licensed cabler when performing any telecommunication cabling inside the home. OptiComm installers are required by law to report any non-compliant cabling, which may result in an inspection by the ACMA enforcement division. Cabling performed by unlicensed contractors could result in a $100,000 fine for the builder. The ACMA has published a Consumer Advice Pamphlet on cabling a home. There is also the Telecommunications Cabling Advice form (called the TCA1) which you are required by law to provide to your client on handover. To locate a registered cabler please refer to the following web site:
We also recommend if you are smart wiring a client’s home or business you ensure every data/phone/tv wall plate is labelled at both ends and a short handover is provided to the client so they understand how to use the system. A large percentage of faults reported on new homes are caused by internal cabling work. If we have to visit the home for a cabling fault, your client will be charged for the callout and they may try to claim this back from you.

Telecommunications Infrastructure in New Developments

Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU)

Builders Information
OptiComm can deploy a Fibre-to-the-Premise solution where the typical services of telephone and data are available, but in addition we can operate an Integrated Communications Network, delivering a multitude of other building services, thus significantly reducing the cost of deployment. Our networks have the ability to provide the following services over a single integrated platform:
• Free to Air and Satellite TV
• Building and energy management systems
• Public WiFi Hotspot/Mesh services
• Closed Circuit Television Security
• Access control and Intercom
• Lift control systems
• Digital Signage

An OptiComm Integrated Communications Network can deliver all these services over a single network reducing deployment and maintenance costs while potentially increasing your NABERS rating.

Recommended Wiring
When building a new MDU, you are required to provide a suitable lead-in conduit from the property boundary to the building entrance facility through to any area designated for telecommunications services. Conduits provide the pathways for the subsequent installation of fibre optic cabling.
Please refer to the Installers Cabling handbook for MDU wiring which deals with the provision of appropriate pathways and spaces in vertical and horizontal MDU sites for the delivery of fibre to the premises infrastructure in new developments.